Genetic Optimization: Falling Water 2021

The project aim is to optimize the flow of water through the evaporative cooling facades to get maximum efficiency from the system. during the process the facades was optimized with the help of evolutionary solver ( Biomorpher ) for the reproduction in order to produce offspring of the next generation.


Falling Water 2021 is a house designed on the River Besos in Barcelona, Spain. 

Its South-West facade has been developed as an evaporative cooling facade to regulate temperature within the house. 

The geometry of the facade has been optimised to slow down the flow of water through the facade to enhance evaporative cooling. Incident solar radiation governs the size and density of the V-shaped geometry. More the radiation, slower the water should flow.



River Besòs

41°27’30.9″N 2°11’25.7″E

Radiation analysis

Solar Analysis

Dry Bulb Temperature

Radiation Rose

Pseudo Code

Attractor curves alter base geometry by their proximity to the curve. size of form, flow of water and volume of water being held is directly related to the deformation of the base geometry which provides shading.

Catalogue_Phase 01

Optimize amount of water held in areas with the most radiation.


Catalogue_Phase 02

Optimize amount of water held in areas with the most radiation.







GENETIC OPTIMIZATION – Falling Water 2021 is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture 2020/21 by Students: Aniket Sonawane, Hairati Tupe, Michelle Bezik

Faculty – Rodrigo Aguirre, Assistant – Ashkan Foroughi