-The aim of the project was to create an inflatable dome structure with made of individually inflatable Voronoi cells using the Kangaroo plugin.
-Using Ladybug radiation analysis the annual maximum radiation received by the structure was obtained. This was taken as the fitness value that was to be maximized.
-The inflation of the individual Voronoi cells was determined using sliders that act as the genome for the Galapagos plugin.
-The Galapagos plugin was used to control the inflation of the Voronoi cellsĀ in a way as to maximize the annual radiation recieved by the whole structure.
-Tangent circles were created for each mesh face and scaled according to the radiation result so that the faces which received more radiation would have smaller circles and vice versa. This was done in order to vary the opacity of the inflatable surface depending on the radiation…more the radiation lesser the size of the opaque circles and hence lesser the surface opacity.

Base Mesh

Inflated mesh

Ladybug Radiation analysis

Optimization of circular opacity pattern on the Voronoi faces according to radiation analysis

Catalog of inflation iterations