Genetic Optimisation: Parametric Mycelium Bricks

Shelter for the Comunity



The idea of this seminar was to create a closed cycle using Mycelium,

The idea of this project was to create a closed cycle to include those often left outside
Community, in this case, the homeless. this included creating jobs and a method of producing food.

This project found a site near a cafe, a grocery store and an unused space in Poble Nou.


The bricks are made by the community then used for the shelters, this code ensures that the shelters create have by themselves allowed for more mushrooms to grow which ensures that the project can grow further in the future.




The genes that created the different evolutions ware the scale and size of the shelters and the amount of shade they created.

The shade is needed for the mushrooms to grow., this is why the shade covering in the site was chosen as the fitness key.



The solver created a number of different iterations so it could learn how best to generate more shade onto the site.