Graphene composite is a project that speculates about current construction parts in architectural scale where the material is implemented in an innovative way. Designed by Ricardo Mayor, Javier Lopez Alascio, Gelder Van Limburg Stirum and Thanos Zervos in DMIC studio of IAAC.
Evolutionary Computation is a branch of computation that is quite unique. iterating over a design decision in order to evaluate its effectiveness. If we could abstract the forces which guide a design decision, then we could potentially utilize Evolutionary computation, and specifically Genetic Algorithms, to assist us in finding optimal solutions given a number of design criteria.
As a heating system, the surface and points of the geometry will be the key aspect of the efficiency which is also the parameter that need to optimize.
With the inputs of daily sunlight data of different sites (get from ladybug) and also the parameters of whole surface, we can use generation solver to achieve our goal which is to find the most efficient radiation surface inside a matter research.