Genetic Optimization

The intent of this assignment was to use Evolutionary Solvers, such as Galapagos or Biomorpher, in Grasshopper to generate parametrised iterations and find an optimized solution for a given problem.

In this instance, the MINIMUM DEFLECTION of an ETFE canopy is being solved, by seeking the optimized number of pillars to support it.





Final Outcome

Aerial View on site:

Interior Perspective View of Public Plaza space, beneath canopy.

“Genetic Optimisation” is a project developed at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, as part of the Masters of Advanced Architecture course, Year 2018-2019, during the Computational Design Seminar.

Student: Megan Smylie

Tutor: Rodrigo Aguirre

Teacher Assistants: Daniil Koshilyuk, Nikoleta Mougkasi