The garden of the Eames House is serene and well regulated. A menacing gesture is hence conjured to disrupt the order.

Using the Grasshopper Galapagos Evolutionary Solver, an optimized version of a disruptive atmospheric pipe is hence suggested. While the points on site have been predetermined, penalization was applied in such a way to not allow the structure to crash into trees nor to overlap with the given site boundary.

The optimized result gave the necessary length of the needed structure, to be used later on as a fabrication reference.

This design has been conceived as part of the Self Sufficient Buildings research line. While this exercise utilizes the tools learned in the Computational Design seminar to achieve formal optimization, the content presented belongs to a wider eclectic branching that is to be showcased in the Self Sufficient Buildings Studio final presentations as well as part of the IAAC annual final exhibition.


Course: SO.8 Computational Design

Tutors: Aldo Sollazzo, Rodrigo Aguirre

Student: Mohamad Rachid Jalloul