Genesis Food City

Urban farming is the trend but why it can move so far?

We can see from historical precedence that the idea of urban farming has been thought since 3500bce

What is Genesis Food City?

Aim of the system: to create a system that can predict ability, operational efficiency, create leverage of food production in the city and also increasing growth potential of food production system

Genesis Food City has been develop under the concept of Genesis Economy that has evolved from Circular Economy.

How Genesis Food City will work?


Data In – Data Out

The first step: Analyze existing by selected area.

3 Selected Area :

The important parameter for selecting the area is income; the selected area for low income is 22@ for researching the design strategy for Catalog of Genesis because this area will be used for food genesis mainly in the city, Plaza Tetuan is selected for medium income to design the food management system and Gracia is selected for high income to understanding consumer behavier.

The Second step: Design

Outcome of the system

Augmented Reality Application for Genesis Food Collaboration

User 1 : Citizens

User 2 : Food Business

User 3 : City and Government


Genesis Food City is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

developed at Master in City and Technology,

Advanced Urban Design Thesis Studio in 2021 by:

Students: Pawitra Bureerak

Faculty: Areti Markopoulou, Mathilde Marengo, Iacopo Neri