GEAR MECHANICS is a web based application for hobbyist and Product developers to custom design the mechanical gears. They can can easily get the 3d model after doing the configuration. The parameters the user can control are following: Number of teeth, Rotation, Gear Depth and Inner Diameter of gear.


Go to the following link:

Change the parameters (Number of teeth, Rotation, Gear Depth and Inner Diameter of gear) with sliders After completing the customization download the 3d model file.



Initial script created in grasshopper. AWS and Heroku server are used to do cloud computing to solve the requests with rhino compute. THREEjs library used to setup scene and materials. Java script language is mainly used in the development.

GEAR MECHANICS is a project of IAAC, Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master In Advanced Computation For Architecture & Design in 2021/2022 by student: Muhammad Mansoor Awais | Faculty: David Andres Leon and Hesham Shawgy.