FINAL_EXPO17   Our project was developed on two basic aspects. One was the understanding of the site, the area of Torre Barò in the surrounding, through the analysis of the humidity, and the other was the form finding process. In this case, the aim was to speculate on the most functional shape.We used strings to understand how it was possible to go further in a controlled twist. Doing several different models we understood which was the best rotation to achieve our goal, and we figured out the optimal solution which was a 90°twist. Because of the form we found our focus on the site, we joined them in a system in which it was possible to collect dew. The aim of the project is to produce vegetables through the use of an aeroponic system. This is a way of cultivation in which the soil is not necessary for plants grow. A mist of water and nutrients are pumped through nozzles and sprayed on the pendant roots, contained in a closed and controlled environment; surplus water can be reused in the system. With the dew collection, part of the amount of water used for the plants is collected by the system itself. The ETFE was used as a fabric for this purpose. The peculiarity of the project is that due to the rotation, it is possibile to have different shapes during the day. In the morning the pipes are standing to provide greater exposure to the plants. During the night they create a shape, with an angle of 30° to the ground, to permit the ETFE to catch the dew.       FINAL_EXPO11 FINAL_EXPO12 FINAL_EXPO13 FINAL_EXPO14 FINAL_EXPO15   FINAL_EXPO5 FINAL_EXPO6     FINAL_EXPO2 FINAL_EXPO3 FINAL_EXPO9   FINAL_EXPO4 FINAL_EXPO16