Very Fun Pavilion

Project Proposal

The proposal of this project is to create a visualization method of hidden data according to the interactive input parameter provided on the browser where the formula and data will be obtained within the grasshopper definition generated by the received input from the user. In order to visualize the data, each element will be assigned due to the calculated output and when the user tries to click, the data panel will be shown. Moreover, the object created will contain these data when it is downloaded and opened in the user computer. 

For design the definition, the object will be constructed by points. The object will be defined as a building where the data consist of roof panels, area, materials, shading, dimensions that will be also parametrized from the user interface. The points will be joined into polylines and defined as ending boundaries that can be dragged inside the browser.

Link to Application

Click Here to try my Application

 The tools of this project included compute.rhino3d.appserver to import the grasshopper definition as a cloud data, while the other elements such as gumball arrows were imported from THREE.js library using javascript and html.



Very Fun Pavilion is a project at IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture and Design 2021
by Nawapan Suntorachai in the Cloud-based data management course taught by Luis Fraguada and Will Pearson