Matter, Materiality and Material organisation in architecture v2.0 The Iaac “FUN PALACE” Marathon Iaac Spring 2012 _ Experimental Workshop _ by ecoLogicStudio A machinic architecture with an underspecified material, spatial, performative and programmatic goal, able to evolve in real-time within the IAAC post-industrial void. The void is filled with trajectories, densities, intensities and processes; it is converted into a new systemic “FUN PALACE”. The workshop operates as a machinic protocol for the syntetisis of the PALACE whose “rooms” coagulate from raw materials, organisa- tional principles, individual experience as well as group coordination, all in real-time. The construction process runs as a cultivation experiment, rigorously in 1:1, from digital diagrams to prototyping and installation. Loop after loop the protocol will unfold non-stop in a marathon lasting 3days and involving 5 groups of 6-7 students each, working on shifts for a total of 891 man*hours of cultivation. Relentless manufacturing, layering, testing, playing, discussing [with readings of Cedric Price’s original Fun Palace], resting and back again another loop, another group breeding new material articulation and programmatic differentia- tion. No undoing is possible, only more overlaying, incorporation, negotiation with what is already there. Video, Group 2, FUN PALACE Marathon, Workshop IaaC spring 2012 Angel Fernando Lara Moreira, Fernando Barba, Hulda Jonsdottir, Gokulraj Kailash, Pavel Aguilar Urquidez, Peter Novikov, Rodrigo Aguirre.