BünBün is a parametrically designed installation with a geometry affected by spring and inflation force.

The geometry uses Kangaroo, a Grasshopper component set, to create live forces that act upon a structure.

The concept development of the structure follows the sequence above; inflate, populate, escalate, and color. The following pseudo code was developed in order to layout the grasshopper scripting sequence.

The following is the script breakdown that was achieved from the pseudo code. The full script follows below, laying out the series of components used to develop BünBün.

The main aspect of BünBün is its responsive Icosahedrons that change their size relative to the distance different of their standing and end point on the mesh surface. Below are the full visualizations of the geometry in action.

Visualizing BünBün’s inflation as a constant as well as its spring properties.


Several iterations were done in order to understand different spring and inflation forces upon different geometries. Changes in grid sizes recorded the difference in spring flexibility through the data visualization.

The following are videos demonstrating changed in force parameters and its effect on BünBün.


The video above shows the live effect of the parameters being edited on BünBün.


BünBün is visualized as an interactive installation that sits on a rooftop. BünBün is safe, friendly, and fun for all.