Food- Print

Clay advantage of Valldauralabs
Fatemeh Nejati- Marilia Fernandez Lockwood

Food- Print is a project to respect the nature of Valldaura-labs (which we are living, nourishing, tasting, smelling, hearing and seeing in)  by the medium of Soil. The concept “Erosion” of the nature_ from fresh to rot_  is the main idea of creating ceramic tools which we need for our greenhouse-kitchen ( a project which would be made by MAEBB students in Valldaura-labs in Summer 2021). We are extracting the soil, making clay from it, designing the tools and creating them by advanced tools that we have in Valldaura-labs context.




Fatemeh Nejati
IRAN-Since 1985
She has a vision to conduct & develop collective Urban Agriculture in Tehran. Her real Agriculture experiences in organic Farms, connected her to the organic Agriculture society in Iran, paving her way to contribute to Ecolodge-development in Iran. After working with a large variety of materials, she has begun to experience ceramic since 2017. The concept of her Artworks is the simultaneity of water, soil, fire and the touch of human intelligence to discover new ways of designing and creating- related to Architecture-. ceramic products. She holds her first master degree in Architecture from Islamic Azad University, science & research of Iran in 2010.
Living in “Valldaura-labs” for her second master in advanced Ecological buildings & Bio-cities has developed her interaction with Nature to define new multi-disciplinary approaches to use the natural materials such as clay for meeting the needs of a self-sufficient center.

Marilia Fernández Lockwood

PUERTO RICO – Since 1997

Marilia Is a designer and ceramist from Puerto Rico. She holds her first degree in Environmental Design from the University of Puerto Rico- Río Piedras Campus, and is currently a candidate for the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Bio-cities. Her professional experience ranges from Architectural and Furniture Design, to Digital Fabrication, Ceramics and Woodturning.



In winter 2021 Eight interactive workshop sessions (180 minutes) were designed by Fatemeh and Marilia ( 2 facilitators of the workshops) in chronological order from clay extraction and processing, to building, firing, and glazing. During spring, Students have experienced the complete cycle of clay and understand thoroughly each step, learning how clay transforms physically and chemically. The workshop sessions have had a structure of theoretical lectures followed by round table discussions and brainstorming with human centered design approach, which finished by hands-on studio sessions and guidance. The objects produced throughout the workshops determined by the students, based on open discussions throughout the workshops, focusing on utilitarian needs for the community of Valldaura and surroundings. Each student will develop a concept, and produce project-specific objects which will be presented in the Exhibition Day as a dinner table  installation for our final dinner for graduation in September 2021.

This project is developed parallel to another project named (Valldaura Greenhouse) which we are going to make during summer in Valldaura site. All the ceramic tools of this greenhouse and final dinner (celebration of finishing the project) would be made by us with Valldaura clay.












Food print is a project  of  IAAC,  Institute for Avdanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at MAEBB 2021.

Facilitators: Fatemeh Nejati (Linked-in: Fatemeh-Nejati) – Marilia Fernandez Lockwood

Faculty: Vicente Guallart- Daniel Ibanez