Food Pairing Game 

The idea behind this virtual game was to play with one’s senses, activating different senses in the real and virtual world, by using Unity for a  VR Food Pairing Game. Smell and taste are the only senses that are connected to the limbic system of the brain; responsible for emotions and memory.

This game was created to understand if the user really can tell what he/she is eating using some senses and not others. In real life, the user is made to sit down, in the virtual reality game the user finds him/herself in a cafeteria scene sitting in front of a portion of cake on the table . The user is handed a piece of cake to eat in the real world, and then asked several questions in the virtual world about what he/she is eating.

In this particular case the user was given a sweet potato brownie, but is seeing a chocolate cake in the virtual world. Trying to understand how users react to plant based foods that are deceiving in their colour and texture but obviously have a different taste.

If there had been more time to experiment with the HTC Vive, the user would have been able to teleport into different coloured scenes according to what the answer to their question was. Creating a somewhat colour map of taste, specific to the users answers.


Tool Seminar 2A: Digital Tools, Tutors: Martina Menegon, Starsky Lara, Student: Susannah Mifsud