We have the responsibility of questioning and being aware of what we consume. Unfortunately today that is barely the case. We devour resources and we don’t take a moment to investigate how these products where made. Do they respect quality and health standards? Not only ours, as the final consumers but as well as the people or animals that helped produce it? What about the ethical questions and environmental impact? One would say that these are a lot to think about every time we buy something but just turning our heads the other direction is not a solution either. With this project I got a glimpse of the possibilities VR and AR have to offer on raising awareness on food products and their environmental impact.

Using Unity and the HTC VIVE I created a virtual space that people could interact with 4 different products and get information about the carbon footprint, health benefits, allergens and GMO.

Raising Food product Awareness

MAI 2017/18

Students: Ioannis Vogdanis

 Faculty : Martina Menegon