FOAMATIC- Polyurethane Foam with Pneumatic Insulation System


This project was developed around the framework of new insulation system which can work discretely for winter and summer during the year.

finalPresentation_PU-CU2 finalPresentation_PU-CU3 finalPresentation_PU-CU5                                                                       



Initial test were done by adding different chemicals like hydro gel, silicon and paraffin wax.

Experiment done with hydro gel gave porous foam then the regular open cellular structure that one obtains by just mixing the isocyanate and polyol. Also the porosity increased with the silicon but the stiffness of the foam increased.

finalPresentation_PU-CU8 A test was also conducted of hacking the process during the curing time of the foam by blowing air into the processfinalPresentation_PU-CU-9 While paraffin wax was used to get the shape memory foam. But it was just a one time effect. Once the foam is dipped in hot wax and then compressed and when reheated it will transform itself back to the original state.finalPresentation_PU-CU-10The Fourth phase about how the pneumatic system works with the polyurethane foam with different geometry 



finalPresentation_PU-CU13 finalPresentation_PU-CU14

                                                                                                                                                      Phase 5



After the Hacking the Fabrication phase, test on changing the properties of the foam by adding materials like iron powder, concrete powder, saw dust etc. were done. 

Later, on all of the samples where tested in a scenario created using bulb to create the hottest temperature outside by raising it up to 70 degrees.finalPresentation_PU-CU16 finalPresentation_PU-CU17 finalPresentation_PU-CU18 finalPresentation_PU-CU19



During this test, different foam with different properties gave different results. The Maximum result was obtained in the Polyurethane foam developed by hacking the fabrication process by blowing in the air at 50 psi.finalPresentation_PU-CU21 finalPresentation_PU-CU22

FOAMATIC is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master of Advanced Architecture in 2015/16 by:


  • Nisarg sheth
  • Inthat ueasak-aree
  • Naitik Shah


  • Areti Markopoulou
  • Alexandre Dubor
  • Angelos Chronis