Fly Swatter (Module Design)


We have spent  about three hours looking for potential materials at the local markets to come up with the idea of a lightweight structure.

We got about five different materials to explore and decide which one of them is the one that we are proceeding with. p1

So, after many iterations of material juxtapositions, module and unite design we ended up choosing the ‘Fly swatter’ seeing that it has the most potential in all material properties.p3

We kind of hacked all materials we had and we found out that the ‘Fly swatter’ experiment was the most successful one, using tension and compression concept to put three macro components to create a hyper component.p2

IAAC, Lightweight Structures.

This is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, MAA01 in 2016 by:


  • Abdullah Ibrahim
  • Chenthur Raaghav
  • James Nurtanio Njo
  • Martin Hristov
  • Pedro Levit Arroyo Ventura


  • Silvia Brandi
  • Rodrigo Aguirre