Thora H Arnardottir


Flugeldar = flying-fire (direct translation from Icelandic)


It can be a magical moment watching fireworks go up into the air and ascend slowly down a what looks like sprinkles in the sky. Fireworks represent something special a moment to celebrate. As the new years are upon us I wanted to explore and express a way in code that captures a moment in time of standing outside in the freezing cold on new year’s eve surrounded by family and friends watching the sky light up…


The code was developed under the influence of WATERFALL by Michael Pinn available on as the particle gravity leaves a delay in the visualization reminiscent of falling debris of fireworks. The code runs constantly as new particles appear beneath the triangular banner at the top creating a streak of green shaded particles falling to the ground.

As can be seen in the sequence of pictures below.

image-1-1 image-2-1 image-3-1 image-4-1

By using the mouse and clicking either with the right or left button the banner changes its color to green and yellow from the transparent gray.



IAAC, Processing.

This is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, MAA02 in 2016 by:


Thora H. Arnardottir



Angelos Chronis