FlickrGrid is an analysis project that aims understand how people interact with the city acording to the seasons.

By analysing the pattern of pictures posted in Flickr during the year of 2013 we aim to finda path to follow and understand how to interven in the city by the use of image analysis and comprehension.





With the first analysis made based on Barcelona based posts we decided to analyse also another city to try to find the same patterns.



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People perceive the city diferently during the year, specially in places where you can experience a clear change of seasons, so as the public life changes with this seasonality mostly of urban interventions should be done in a more ephemere way, allowing the city to change during the year without any infrastructural scars.

A good example is the annual event Paris Plage, where Paris’s city concil change completely the borders of the Sene River transforming it in a complete beach and so changing completely how people interact with this important element of the city during the year.

FlickrGrid is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at MAA, e.g. Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2016 by:
Students: André Resende, Maryann George Owais
Faculty: Mar Santamaria, Pablo Martinez