Find the best mix of openings in order to get the most correct FLD (400 lux) at an height of 70cm, corresponding to a desk, in a room.

First step was to create the box, paneling one surface with a square grid. Then, in order to use galapagos to find a convenient pattern of openings, I have create a true/false component in order to create a pattern.


Second step, importing geometries and setting ecotect analysis using Geco. In order to set the target for galapagos, I set it as the mean of values on the surface minus the target value of 400 lux, setting galapagos to minimize.

starting galapagos


Set and run the Galapagos to achieve results.
As setting, I set 50 as population, with 75% inbreeding.
After several generation, I have stopped the iteration because I got a satisfying result of 0.25 lux of deviance from the mean, more then acceptable. I could have proceed in order to find others combinations, but that one was ok and the direction of the analysis wasn’t leading to better results.



Arrange recorded results in a matrix, in order to compare them. I put aside of each geometry the analyzed mesh from Ecotect, showing the best and the worst result.


Best combination for more uniform illumination:result