Tools Introduction 

We started the day by a lecture and an introduction for the tools we need and we will be using. Part of the knowledge you need for forestry is the knowledge of your tools. Its important to know what you are holding in your hands and whats available for you. We all had to get the right gear such as the working jackets, boots, helmets and most important is the first aid kit.

Preparing for the first tree 


Preparing the site for the safely tree landing area, and the place we will be standing. measuring and estimating where the tree and how it will be falling is very important to have the result of safeness and a good geometry of the tree.

and after cutting down the tree, we had to do some cleaning and understanding how and why the tree landed in the specific way.

After cleaning some branches and took the measurement that was need, we pull the tree to the cleaning and storage site.

   Working all as a team to get the tree from the cutting site to the storage site.

Using different methods to connect and move the tree.

And finally we had the first tree in place and ready to be process in the following days.

Using a different method of cutting down a tree

Second tree was a bit more difficult than the first and it required extra work and preparation before we start taking down the tree. We had to climb the tree to take down some branches that we did not need and they are just extra weight. We also had to put some ropes to redirect and pull the tree to fall down in the place we planed for. 

After preparing the site and all the safety measurements, we stated cutting.

And at the end after all the preparations, we had a clean and success cut.

To finish the day, we had to put all the tools back as well as we had to take out the cloths that we where using.


First Tree Down is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Masters in Advanced Ecological Buildings in 2019/2020 by:

Students: MAEB  2019/2020

Faculty: Daria Bychkova & Michael Salka