So, how does that work? Well, it is like we need to talk to the wave in order to interact with it, and the way how to grab its attention is the antenna. There is a relationship between antenna design and the bandwidth, so what works for GSM doens’t work for FM etc..and since we are talking about ambiant radiations, so we need to talk to different bandwidths, where each needs different solution. Below is a little block diagram of how the process should go: So, we need an antenna that corresponds to the bandwidth we are addressing, then we need a piece of electronics (RF amplifier that transmits and output voltage that corresponds to the field intensity), then we need to do something with this voltage coming out, so that it is representative enough in terms of visualization. Clear? Until that point of research, I was still focused on the idea of _seeing is believing_ and in that sense we need to figure out a system that depends on triggering lights or any other seen effects, so I was thinking on one of the below applications, I sketched other ideas related to augmented reality and car antenna, but things radically changed, as time went by 🙂 appsEMF