Farmville Boqueria


Farmville Boqueria aims to create a self-sustainable marketplace where the consumer is the grower of his own crops. This is achieved through provision of hydroponic farms on the roof of the market. By this practice, the cost of vegetables will be reduced and the carbon footprints caused by transportation and traditional agricultural techniques will be reduced. The roof also contains Solar cells on the portal frame and waste treatment system like biogas treatment and waste water treatment chamber. The energy produced from these will directly benefit the market. Farmville Boqueria creates a new market ecosystem for the future.


Site Analysis

Normal Market Phenomenon

Concept – Farmville Boqueria

The Farmville Boqueria aims to create a new typology of market. Where the consumer is the farmer, which helps growing awareness of farming amongst the people. As the number of cropland area is decreasing from 44.6% (1960) to less than 10% (2010). This creates a chain of positive effects on the micro to macro level of urban life. As the Urbanization is increasing, there is a need to have a vegetation spaces in between spaces in the urban plan.

 Existing Energy Calculation

Design Proposal




Farming to the public mainly takes place in two scenarios- one in which the consumer doesn’t know how to farm crops, so the level 1 has vegetables that does not require much attention and can grow easily, this farming will take place on the farming pillars on the ground and upper level. Where as in Level 2, the farm takes place on the roof level where there are three different types of roof that provide different circumstance for growth of the crops.

The Different Roofing Systems for Multiple Farming Conditions. 1) Semi- Open 2) Closed Environment 3) Open to Sky

Metabolic Diagram

Energy Calculation for Proposed Systems

Sankey Diagram

Jellyfish Section

Initial Prototyping

Prototyping included following objectives-

  1. Which type of medium is good for growth of crops – Soil, Sawdust or Cocohusk.
  2. Which environment is good for crop – Sunlight or UV Light.

Main Prototyping

Future 2050


Metabolic Roof Structures / Farmville Boqueria is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Master in Advanced Architecture in 2020 by:
Students: Shubham Dahedar, Abrar Ali, Chirag Shah, Ashwin Parandhaman, Jiaqui Sun
Faculty: Javier Pena & Oriol Carrasco
Assistant: Eve Nnaji