Self Sufficient Buildings Studio


Personal Agenda:

This project aims to redefine farming inside a city by giving it new purposes which are educating people and creating materials to build by recycling. One of the main ideas is that nature should be the main element of the city and only after that technology should cooperate with nature.



A study of types of crops that grow in the Mediterranean which would enhance the soil quality and could be used as composites.



A conceptual cycle to show the main elements that will be used and then expanded to the whole site.


  1. Test with coffee residue to observe how the waste could be used for a structure. 
  2. Test with peanut shells to observe how the waste could be used for a structure.
  3. Another test with sea salt is carried out to observe structural behaviour.



1/25 concept model to show the crops in scale

All three tests (peanut shell, coffee, salt) are used on each element of the wireframe to test the materials on bigger scale.



Tutors: Enric Ruiz-Geli, Mireia Luzzaraga

Assistants: Zrinka Radic, Mohamad Rachid Jalloul

Author: Ozge Tektas