Food footprint in Newark has been a major issue for the city. Productive city could be a program to address this issue. Shortened the food footprint become an idea for making the project inside the city. Urban farming is one of the stages to be solution of food footprint issue. The research starting with collecting data and analyze a specific reason causing unproductive city. After, the concept created, the project is named Farmers Village project, the place for build and develop productivity inside Newark by providing urban farming, parking lots as existing site and adding residential and market function. The design is focusing on making effectiveness and efficiency for the circulation inside Farmers Village in order to save energy used, by controlling the different slopes angle and width of the circulation path/ramp for each functions. The idea Farmer Village aimed to become a catalyst for the city and overcome both the major problem and minor problem like unemployment in Newark. Finally, with this project will lead the community in Newark to get a healthy lifestyle as a long term purpose for the city.

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Farmers Village is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2016 by:

James Nurtanio Njo

Willy Muller

Jordi Vivaldi Piera

Starsky Lara