2-min 4 Interaction-min 6 Amphi -min 8 bee 1-min 8 bee 2-min 13th residential pod-min botan section-min Experience-min market section-min You breathe about 25000 times a day, where up to 7000 different air polluted particles are absorbed into your body. As a consequence, on average, 8 million people die per year from direct air polluted causes. We are not only killing our own species through air pollution but also the animals and the land we tread upon, which makes up the remaining substances in which we absorb. The primary basis to our global consumption is agriculture and it requires open land, healthy soils and clean water which are all dependent on air and sensitive to global warming. Evidence proves that both global warming and air pollution negatively affects the farming industry and with the implementation of pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) the destruction of agriculture is accelerating. We are dependent on agriculture for our own survival, but simultaneously we are poisoning ourselves and the globe in the process, thus the importance of a sustainable society is undeniable. Jeremy Rifkin grasps this issue and envisions in his book ‘The Third Industrial Revolution’ the importance of sustainable energy and how each building becomes its own micro-power plant, generating enough clean energy for itself and its surrounding buildings. Rifkin envisions a society where local production through 3D printing leads to the collapse of capitalism, where empathy is a key factor in society through communication and where each building becomes its own green power source. His visions were a fundamental aspect in our project. FarmASeed focuses on Rifkin’s visions of empathy, zero marginal costs and sustainability, these are implemented through next generation of agricultural farming. Our mission is to produce organic products without any genetic alterations or the use of pesticides. Visitors unite with farmers to produce and harvest these organic products, which are then later sold on the FarmaSeed market and the surrounding areas. Seeds, machinery and structures are locally produced in our 3D printer laboratories, minimizing marginal cost and making produce affordable for everyone. Hydrogen is the main energy resource produced and used in FarmaSeed, removing the high carbon footprint traditional farms have. Our vision is to educate about the importance of cheap organic living in a sustainable environment and aspire other communities to do the same. Video