The project aims to test and understand the state of the are in facial recognition and what it means for us to be detectable by individual features stored as data points outside our control. Furthermore, accuracy, function, and misrepresentation are the highlight that was observed when testing how breakable is a facial recognition model.

AI has had an impact in our recent history, testing and demonstrating that human mental calculation, speed, and ability have limits that particular algorithm has surpassed in different domains.

One of the key components was to transform, add and subtract facial features to see if the chosen facial recognition app would break identifying people on the pictures given to it.


The app demonstrated to be very good at detecting the given faces, and it only failed when the image was distorted, or it no longer had facial features.

Facial recognition – artificial VS natural is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master of Advanced Computation in Architecture and Design 2021/22 by Students: Olga Poletkina, Alexander Lopez, Naitik Sharma Faculty: Zeynep Aksöz, Mark Balzar