Face the Maze – New Interfaces

A strategic game for players willing to test their self control and reaction time. This is a single player game but can be played against other players in competition for the best time.

Our game persuades the players to use physical movements to move the game panel around and pushes them to make strategic decisions quickly.


The creative Process:

Based on our original idea of creating a self perception game, we were able to extract one idea to apply to the new game concept. Time constraint and quick strategic decisions.


Physical Prototype:

Uur physical prototype was designed for two players to play at once and upon presenting this to various players, they gave us feedback stating that using facial features as movement was too difficult which is why we changed it to the phone tilt.

Problem Statement:

How can we test the players self perception through strategies?

Digital prototype:

The Rules:

1. player must find the right path to reach the finish line

2. there is no set time, but the player can either play against himself and try to beat his time or play against others and race to be first to the finish line

3. the player is able to collect coins throughout the maze in order to buy weapons

4. 1 coin = 1 weapon

5. player will face enemies along the way and can use their weapon to kill them

6. enemies can also kill the avatar if they have no weapons


Future Iterations:

In order to make the player even more engaged in the game, our aim for the future is to incorporate one of these technologies (ar, vr – occulus rift) to help the player truly test their strategic skills.


Seminar: New Interfaces VR/AR

Senior Faculty: Paolo Gambardella

Students : Yasmina Wery, Armin Akbari and Irene Ayala Castro