Experiments in Non Gravitational Matter : Fluid Experiments || Student : Ami Nigam || Tutors : Jordi Pages and Lluis Viu

This research concentrates on creating conceptual systems that generate complex architectural form in a non-gravitational context. It is based on a unique form finding exercise that relies on the synergy between simple programmable machines that mimic naturally occurring fluid phenomena, Vortices. It investigates the emergent behaviours in the dynamic merging of two fluid media: wax in its hydrophobic molten state and water. The resulting forms are a 3dimensional map of the complex fluid dynamics at play.

The emergent forms from these experiments are exhaustively studied to understand the material-specific combinatorial aggregation processes. The resulting forms can be controlled by changing variables like mechanical forces created by these simple machines or volume of the medium or temperature of the material, thus giving the user an ability to ‘program’ the outcome. Various structural, mathematical and organisational concepts can be extrapolated from these simple conceptual systems and simulated to speculate their architectural implications.



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