IAAC - Josep Miàs - Silvia Brandi TUTORS: JOSEP MIÀS SILVIA BRANDI Can a house inflate itself and fly away? Can a pavilion fit in a hand luggage? Can an exhibition space be adaptable to any kind of artwork? This seminar aims to investigate the extreme possibilities of textile constructions and structures which make them possible. Starting from analyzing existing technologies, we will end up building a pavilion that will be portable and packable, and that can be used as a living space, exhibition room, or meeting point… The seminar is a technological adventure which counts on the active collaboration of two sector leader enterprises in the field of textile construction: – SERGE FERRARI: international producer of flexible composite materials and membranes of high performances for architecture. – IASO: enterprise specialized in the engineering and the assembling of uncommon textiles architectures with high technology features. During the seminar we will experiment the possibilities of the flexible composite materials and the technologies related to those, in order to set up a competition where the students will propose their own pavilion, producing a 1 m3 model. The winning proposal will be developed in detail during the course, its components will be fabricated in FABLAB and the pavilion will be assembled during an intensive weekend workshop. During the opening party all the competition models will be exposed in the pavilion, to show alternative and infinite possibilities.