The aim of the project is to translate time and space into experience by using the evolutionary software Galapagos and different computational design technics. At the end a mesh is created using lines that connect each of the points of every system with the other ones.


Mobilization plan:

Based on the mobilization plan, the research focused in the environment of the people while walking through this path. The starting point is on the day 1 at 8 am and the end of the program is at day 31 at 7 am. In one month people is going to walk 534 kilometers experimenting different things. Across this path they are going to learn how to sustain their bodies and mind while facing a high amount of challenges. For this aim, 8 systems are taking into consideration, all of them are design for training people’s physical and phycological skills

Each of this graphs are made using data collected in an Excel file. All point are define by a different number depending on the system (water, energy, calories, topography, etc). The projected into the Y axis depending on the value.

Mesh of time vs. experience:

When all the systems where measure and design the next step of the project was to find the point in time and space where people have the most experience of all. In this sense all the graphs where remapped to the same scale. Lines of experience in the other direction where created connecting each point of all the systems at the same point in time.

By measuring the z position of all the points across each line and adding them with mass addition, the evolutionary solver seeks for the maximum value creating 31 highest lines of experience from all 744 hours/lines.

The highest line found was on the 22th day at 11 am.