This project describes an emotive conversation interface with the hope to expand one’s experience of reality. The project utilizes a series of sensors  placed along the palm of the hand and is used for data collection. The sensors include two pairs of EDA sensors which retrieve data from the skin resistance of both the experiencer (wearer) and an external partner.




This project begins with an idea of evolution of human empathy and sense to emote with our surroundings to achieve this the project uses GSR sensors which allows us to measure sweat gland activity, which is related to emotional arousal. To measure GSR, we take advantage of the electrical properties of the skin. Specifically, how the skin resistance varies with sweat gland activity, i.e. the greater sweat gland activity, the more perspiration, and thus, less skin resistance. The most common measure of a GSR signal is not resistance, but conductance. Conductance is the opposite of resistance and is measured in siemens (Conductance = 1 / Resistance). The conductance makes the signal interpretation easier, since the greater the sweat gland activity, the higher the skin conductance.(



These sensors are placed on the glove one facing externally to collect external data and one facing towards the user itself the process starts with a gesture as a hand shake or just a touch with the person he/she is interacting with the raw processed data from the GSR sensors is logged in and fed to the experiencer through a feedback system of haptic devices along the wrist. To synthesize the data user compares their emotions(data) with their partner’s emotions(data) to give a broader sense to the conversation.


The projects motivation come as an interpretation of empathy in the age of technology an additional layer of information which is gathered with the ever changing ability for conversation which in a way is one of the keystones human evolution and a chance to interpret this heading to the future.


Project Research and Development

The project grew  to add a layer of data to sense our surroundings and conversations.  This began with looking at a series of case studies and references and gathering information about different kinds of sensors the project was broken down into 3 parts, data collection interpretation, feedback system and testing sensors such as heart rate GSR sensor infrared camera etc. for the data collection which constituted of the first part . The considered feedback system options were to use lights, haptic feedback

After testing realization that a Real Time input system to the sense GSR was a better option with the combination of haptic feedback system  which would make it more instantaneous. the design for the glove was to be organic and with more than 3 stages design iteration settled with a glove which blends with the design standards of the day which does not scream for attention and does not interfere physically in the purpose it serves.

sensors include 2 pairs of EDA sensors which get there data from skin resistance of the experiencer and the partner.

Feed-back system is a series of haptic devices  placed around the wrist where the raw processed data is logged in and fed to the experiencer to synthesize the data experiencer compares his emotions(data) with his partner emotions(data) to widen his information about the conversation






Sensing Phenomenon

The most common method to measure a GSR signal for emotional research purposes is based on a constant voltage system (exosomatic method). The GSR sensor applies a constant voltage—usually 0.5 V—to the two electrodes that are in contact with the skin. The circuit also contains a very small resistance compared to the skin resistance that is in series with the voltage supplier and the electrodes. The purpose of this circuit is to measure the skin conductance and its variation by applying Ohm’s law (Voltage = Intensity x Resistance = Intensity/Conductance). As the voltage (V) is kept constant, skin conductance (C) can be calculated by measuring the current (I) flow through the electrodes. With this setup, any fluctuation in the current flow is due to a change in the electrical properties of the skin, and therefore in the sweat gland activity. 

It is important to highlight that the voltage applied to the electrodes is very small, and the current that can flow through them is very low and unnoticeable.(



Data Collection

The initial stages of data collecting was done using a scene from the movie intrasellar with a “Docking scene” with hans zimmer soundtrack this scene is adventures give a scene of achievement

The test subjects were made to put in a relaxed state of mind and the GSR sensors were placed on there index and thumb finger and with earphones made to see the scene the clip was 5 min long which was a comfortable time to record the data









The project hopes to enhance the emotional side of conversation where verbalization do not exist and being in another’s presence is enough to understand their state of mind. The project hopes to create a better sense of emotional intelligence and connect individuals state of mind with augmented empathy

It sees the sense to grow with the person and plays an important role in connecting individuals without any emotional barrier and better understated the people they live with

The project hopes to create a world where worlds don’t matter anymore and just being in one’s presence is enough to understand then as a being also hopes to have individuals with consciousness the state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings


I would start of by saying thank you to Luis Fraguada and Elizabeth Bigger for there incisive and analytical process the studio was guided with stage wise development with valuable references and inputs I would also like to thank Christian Rizzuti for his help and support on computing and soft sensor seminars I would also like to thank all the jury members and friends who have all shared valuable information for the progress of this project.