On April 5, the exhibition of the first semester of the MAEB students who have been developing a self-sufficient urban block will be inaugurated. The Exhibition will be held in the so-called King’s Martí watertank, which is a XIX century building own by the Barcelona City Council, located near the Belleguard house by Gaudi.

The exhibition will be held at the foot of the Bellesguard Tower built by Antoni Gaudi between 1900 and 1909. Gaudi’s project also includes an interesting arboreal structure, with a configuration similar to that of Guell Park. This modernist building is built on the ruin of an old palace built by King Marti “the Human”. King Marti spent several summers in the Palace located in Valldaura (today in ruins) and in the year 1410. The water tank, which will host the exhibition was built in the nineteenth century taking advantage of the water of a ravine that ran through the place.