In 2006 founder of the biggest big data company Olive Humby declared that “Data is the new oil.”Our data is collected and sold by data brokers. Also, big data market is increasing year by year.
In other words, Our data is valuable to marketers and other agencies.In the past data was distributed from a single and analog source. Today cloud system uses for sharing data to users. Few big players collect data from users in order to share them with cloud technology.

presentation-final-10Exchange Platform proposes peer to peer data sharing system to make citizens active players in data market. It aims to bring together people who want to sell their personal data and people who need information. It is building a system that connects and monetesis social, financial, environmental and behavioural data. Hence, citizens will create bottom-up system.
infrastructure layer:
hardware and software devices (tools) that make the exchange possible
protocol layer:
the rules and methods of exchange
application layer:
the interface for users

Exchange Platform works with Blockchain technology to create P2P decentralised network. Decentralised transaction of data transfer, transaction of spot market and decentralised storage is possible with blockchain.
Value of data calculates with algorithm in real-time. Spot market algorithm is based on supply demand. Supply is the number of data hunters. Demand is the number of data wanters. When supply decreases, value of data increases in real time.

Exchange Platform is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in City & Technology in 2016 by:

Student: Seda Tugutlu
Faculty: Tomas Diez, Mathilde Marengo