Personal Agenda :

The aim of this project is to design a center for people to exchange their knowledge through education by learning and teaching at the same time. 


To understand the agenda better I’d tried to do a basic app diagram that how this building should perform.

Each building connections to each other.

My case study of connections begun with Projects happening in studio . In order to investigate my connections I had to connect each of 24 projects of the class together :

  After understanding of each clusters and project I started to connect them through surfaces:

By designing a machine that could update itself each week I could understand not only my form finding process of building but also relations of each project with each other.

each week by updating each projects these relations and connections can change and by the end of the second semester it will be completed . The form of the building will shape based on this logic of Portal Connections.


Tutors: Enric Ruiz-Geli, Mireia Luzzaraga

Assistants: Zrinka Radic, Mohamad Rachid Jalloul

Author: Mohammad Amin Ziaie Bigdeli