STEP 1: What to optimize?

To start with, I started thinking what I wanted/needed to optimize and investigating how to make use of the tool.

I decided for this assignment I wanted to use the tool for an urban scale (neighbourhood scale) to find the optimum location depending on different points of interest.

After deciding what I wanted to optimize, I started the code in the simplest way -just with points- to see if I could make it work. Setting the Genes and the Fitness function and run Galapagos.


STEP 2: Setting up the model

Once I knew that the code was working, I started setting up the model. Modifying the existing file of a section of Barcelona  city, and most importantly setting up the inputs to the optimization. Some were set as points, others were set as lines.


STEP 3: Importance of inputs

For this step, I wanted to add levels of importance to my inputs, in this case the different points of interest, facilities or infraestructure in the urban context. The importance was set as a number between 1 to 5, and this aspect is subjected to changes since its based on opinion and interests. With this set, I run galapagos again and achieved the optimized location I was looking for based on the proximity of my interests.