Drawings are a form of expression and in the architectural profession, it is even attributed as a form of communication and a formal document. A drawing is the evolution of a line in space. In today’s day and age, information is exchanged through non-material forms across digital media and a line is, in fact, a collection of dots or pixels in space.

This project is a development of drawings based on code. The drawings have been generated using Grasshopper and Processing.
“Evanesce” is a series of drawings that are reminiscent of the transitory position of matter in space, bound by a predetermined protocol. The three-part project consists of computer-generated drawings, hand drawings and drawings generated through a manual printing process.


Computer Generated Drawing

Protocols// Computer & Human



SE.02 – On Drawing & Computation

Seminar faculty : Edouard Cabay

Students : Bhakti Vinod Loonawat, Mateo Proano Albuja