Design Project Studio & Introduction to Processing Seminar_Robert Staples

The following is a preliminary study on a strategy to develop an architectural system. Following a bottom up approach, the study undertakes physical and digital experiments in the material behaviour of ferrous based materials and their reaction to magnetic flow field.



The research draws inspiration from the unique movement behaviour of the Thomas Heatherwick Studio Seed Pavilion in Shanghai and the visual information display on the John Nouvel designed Torre Agbar in Barcelona. With the question; How can we develop informative facades which respond the environment?



Physical Experiments 

Iron Fillings

Physical experiments where undertaken to understand the fundamental movement behaviour of iron particles in the magnetic fields of multiple magnets.


Digital Experiments 

Drafting_2d Visual 

Digital experiments where carried out, firstly, in two dimensional illustrations to understand in simple terms the movement of particles around the force fields.

screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-11-30-08Processing_3d Visual 

With javascript coding, in three dimensional illustrations, magnetic field lines can be best represented as PVector lines, set with integers at a depth. 


The introduction of perlin noise (toff)  assigns visuals to the vectors on a continual randomized basis. Visual colour (colorMode) can be added to the noise argument in this case.


PeasyCam, set an initial height and depth view, permits the user to view in and around the constructed visual.


Eva_Devo is a design project studio developed in conjunction with the seminar; Introduction to Processing at IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia for the Master in Advanced Architecture Year 002 in 2016 1st term by:
Student: Robert Staples
Faculty: Jordi Pages & Lluis Viu, Angelos Chronis