eTrays are a new way to eat while learning. The target demogra c for this product is children; it is designed to appeal to the childs idea of a fun moment. Through a blend of hardware and software (the tray itself and its accompanying app), the eTrays can change the way children interact with their meal: nutritional facts and entertainment will be displayed and animated on a device inside the tray. We’ve chosen for our prototypes an Apple iPad.

The tray is designed with a circular opening for the food and the displaying of the content, and a second, narrower, opening that is where the menus reside. This basic design deconstructs the existing premade tray food in which the cutlery is at the side while the food is at the center. By doing this we get a familiar design, redesigned.


The parent launches the app, opens the tray and introduces the ipad into it. Afterwards, by scrolling through the contents, the kid selects the food and as he eats he will start watching the content and learning at the same time.