Erich Dieckmann (1986-1944) was one of the most prominent designers from the Bauhaus. His profile chairs studies was taken for inspiration, creating a web application that pays homage to his work, at the same time that it informs a new furniture design tool, letting anyone appropriate his designs and make their own.


The idea behind this project was to design an interface that would allow the user to interact with a given construction method (sectioning) to acomplish the design of an object. This object would be generated through a connection to rhino.compute, living in a web server, displayed in your browser through HerokuApp. By evoking Erich Dieckmann`s design, the user would be invited to formulate his own version of a chair, get live feedback on its constructability, and finally, be able to get the necessary technical drawings to fabricate it themselves.

The app lets the visitor first choose one of four different styles of design from the original chair profile. After deciding on the one you like best, you can then specify the measurements of the wood you plan on building your chair with, as well as the general length of the seat. You are then confronted with a view panel made of different parts: Profile Curves, Number of Sections and 3D View.


Profile Curves is your control panel. Displayed here are the two section curves that control your design. The blue line lets you change the supports of the chair, while the red line controls the seating. As you move their control points around, you can instantly get a feedback on how your changes are affecting Dieckmann`s design by looking in the 3D View. You will also notice that, besides getting instant 3D updated geometry, the Number of Sections panels will be updating its measurements labels and section counting, according to the changes to the overall measurements of the chair. This will provide you with some information on the ammount of material you will requeire to accomplish your build.

Once you are happy with your newly designed chair, there is an option to download a .3dm file containing the chair itself, but also the nested sections ready for CNC fabrication.


ERICK DIECKMANN GENERATOR is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design in 2020/21 by

Students: Joao Miguel Silva

Faculty: Luis Fraguada and Will Pearson