The purpose Environmental Design in Library extension project Located in Sant Astoni ,Barcelona is to create a library extension  and to keep the seating space according to basic climate analysis Cold period starts from January  and goes until May. Mid of may begins the warm period, lasting until October mid. Temperatures are high but not as intense as in the warm periods, The solar irradiation in the winter time almost is near half of the what is in peak summer. The mid of August is extremely uncomfortable even with with wind and shading system, Majority of the winds during the year which is 6.2 month period in summer flow from the south. The rooftop which was increased by extending the roof outwards for controlling the heat and glare has sustainably increased the area for solar energy generation with PV system.


Environmental Driven Design in Library extension is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture and Design in 2021-2022 by Students: Salma Lasheen, Mohamed Mansour Awais and Faculty: Angelos Chronis, Aris Varthonomaios, Hager El-Sokaily