Environmental Design Assignment


Barcelona´s located at 41.28 Latitude and 2.07 Longitude thus has a Subtropical-Mediterranean climate with highs temperature during the summer reaching 30º Celsius and 0º Celsius in winter, Despite the peaks in summer and winter the annual average temperature is roughly 20º C close to the zone of comfort that is between 20ºC and 23ºC. In addiction, because of the influence of the sea Barcelona has high level of humidity.
The dominant wind comes from NNE and East. For passive heat controlling the window should be at this orientations.

I´ve chosen to wok with one of Toyo Ito´s buildings, Tod´s, for this exercise.
I´ve analysed it inserted in Example´s neighborhood, Barcelona/SPAIN.





According to the Solar Radiation Map The best façade to implement a PV is the South one.

A = PV panel efficiency: 15%
B = Total PV panel area on one façade -SOUTH (50% of façade area): 212m2
C = Total PV panel area on the roof (50% of roof area): 187m2
D = Total incident solar radiation on all PV panels throughout a year for the chosen facade:
1000 kWh/m2
E = Total incident solar radiation on all PV panels throughout a year for the roof: 1485
TOTAL PV Energy production = A * [(B * D)+(C*E)] =
0.15 * [(212 *1000)+ (187 * 1485)] =
0.15 * [(212,000)+(277,695)] =
0.15 * 489,695 = 73,454.25 Wh = 73.45 kWh



For this exercise I´ve chosen to use the 5th floor of Toyo Ito´s building.
Its possible to see how efficient the mesh created by Toyo Ito is against the higher insolations. The only problem is on the core of the building that there´s a lack of illumination. However this mesh can protect the building against higher temperatures and consequently save energy with air conditioner, its necessary use more electric energy to lighter their interior of the building.


Student: Fabio Della Barba Menezes

Faculty: Spyros Stravoravdis