This thesis proposal is an Inspiration from the Photographs on various Landscape anomalies by Mr. Edward Burtynsky. Mines, a place of ruin and despot yet one of the most unbound beautiful landscapes that have emerged out of human hands. It is an irony and an oxymoron that something so beautiful can unravel out of greed and the destruction of the natural landscape. This thesis wishes to explore those landscapes, which come out of urban despot and post-use negligence in particular Large open mines.  model study of the mines to understand the scale and topography.

Hypothesis: Having understood the attitude towards these fabricated lands and the potentials of such landscape, How can these residual spaces become “resourceful” again? Can they “connect” with the immediate and larger surroundings, and link fragmented habitats, if we re-imagine them as connectors? This thesis proposal tends towards developing a modular architectural Gizmo which acts as a catalyst to accelerate the renewable qualities of these manufactured landscapes.

Thesis Studio – The City in the Age of Hyperobjects

Faculty – Peter Trummer

Faculty Assistant – Jordi Vivaldi Piera

Student – Kaushik Raghuraman