Valldaura’s goal is to become energy self-sufficient in the coming years and to learn how to operate the self-sufficient buildings of the future. In order to self-supply heating water, a biomass plant has been set up. It burns wood chips and therefore transforms the material into energy. We are moving Fab Labs to produce clean energy.We are moving from 3D printers to de-3D burners.In this first year the Wood chips has been purchased from an external supplier, but the sustainable management of the Valldaura forest will allows the transformation of pines into Wood chips to be used in the winter of 2019-2020.The architects must learn that clean energy is part of the ecological design of the buildings and cities of the future, because the greatest challenge for humanity is the fight against climate change and the use of non-renewable fossil fuels.For this reason Valldaura works with the integral management of the cycle of the biomass from the foresty management, and with projects like the EneGrid and its actualization through the block-chain of the energy . The capacity of the silo is 10 tons of chips. The annual consumption of the plant will be around 75 Tn.