The objective of the seminar is to learn to make an interactive dashboard using plotly, to represent data in various graphical forms in maps, scatterplots, bar charts, etc. For the studio project of Urban Mining we are trying to map possible glass mining in the city, and to map this we are using the Energy Efficiency certificate dataset, considering the hypothesis that the houses with bad energy performance have yet not changed there window for energy efficient windows and would be possible site to extract windows in the upcoming year. The energy efficiency data is overlaid with the data of the building age so that the various scenarios like Old building- High performance certificate gives the hypothesis that the house have high energy performing windows.


The Platform shows two datasets : Energy certificates and Building age of buildings in Eixample. On loading the platform all the buildings of Eixample are displayed with the gradient scale for the building age data. Using the dropdown menu the particular certificate is loaded and then checked by hovering on the building . At the same time multiple certificates can be selected to observe the concentration of High and Low energy performance certificate.


The dash library is used to create the interactive platform and its core components and html libraries are mainly used. For the app layout the html heading for the title, dropdown box for selection of attribute and a graph is used to display the map. To plot the data on the map, the Json file is saved with figure id, and the attributes of Choropleth and Map box are used in the graph section . CSS text file is created to set style attributes of some of the components.

Library : Plotly, Dash, Pandas, Geopandas, Matplotlib
Reference : Charming data (youtube)
Dataset : Carto BCN, Open Data BCN, Energia BCN

‘Energy Certificate’ is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in City & Technology 2021/22 by Students: Can Xu, Karim Abilama and Pushkar Runwal Faculty: Diego Pajarito and Tugdual Sarazin