“Energy as potency.
Energy is entropy. Activation of forces and efforts. Vehiclisation of (new) bits of information. Of interest are those processes, phenomena or situations capble of producing – or introducing – positive energy within the system. Energy as open – non disciplined – (re) information rather than as linear progress. Energy as catalysation (and fuelling) of potentials. Actions or constructions, manifestations or trajectories. Impulses: stimuli and triggers. Always reactivations – and propulsions – of environment.
Energy as an impulse.
Places have energy of their own, built up throughout their history by physical or spiritual phenomena. Any human action should amplify the energy of a place: they should be on the same wavelength. Any work of architecture should amplify the conditions of a place, given the place energy, never detract from it.”

Manuel Gausa, Vicente Guallart, Willy Muller, Federico Soriano, Fernando Porras, José Morales, Dictionary of Advanced Architecture, Actar, Page 194.

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“Energy” is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at  Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2016/2017 by:
Students: Irene Ayala Castro, Javier Montalvo, Kevin Meyer, Abraham Ninan, Guoliang Zhang, Kaushik Raghuraman
Faculty: Manuel Gausa, Maite Bravo, Ricardo Devesa, Jordi Vivaldi