Habitable Laboratory

As you can see nowadays, all the big cities in the world are facing the same problem which is the rapid growth our urban infrastructure which create “urban sprawl”.

We believe that in the future, all agriculture landscape in Castelli will be occupied by this urban sprawl too. We would like to propose the concept of how can city and agriculture can grow and merge together at the same time while still keep producing same amount of product or even more. Our question is “How can the city define itself as a high performance laboratory for agriculture” RENDER

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By using the method of Spider-Web Bio-mimic which has the initial sense of “habitat, producing and consuming”.  We create the  Spider Web that can connect between global scale to micro scale, from city-city, city-building, building-building, building-urban furniture. By avoiding to destroy all heritage buildings in Castelli, we integrate by using Spider Web that work as multi-channel of water, soil, light and air to grow laboratory agriculture in suitable Micro  Climate that can grow all type of plants all over the year and besides of the much amount of agriculture production, we believe that our proposal will create the new social interaction into this territory and improve the life of Castelli’s citizens.