Maa 2017/ 2018
Tutors; Mark Burry, Rodrigo Aguirre
Technical Support; Keesje Avis,  Ricardo Mayor, Sebastian Amorelli, Sujal K. Suresh

Alberto Emil Holguin Martinez                                                                                                                                            Ardeshir Talaei
Arman Najari
Johan Jasser Salas Castro                                                                                                                                                 Madhurya Bayyapuneedi                                                                                                                                                   Mohamed Ifthikar Noordeen

The project was inspired from the natural forms like tress  extends itself   and thereby creating a function or encapsulating  the  existing structures  .

ref :

Taking the above references , Concepts for branching system are devised 


From the the concepts the above branching system was evolved .


Branching system proposals 



The final Branching  system was hence derived 


The evolution shows the evolution of a single branching system .



The profiles for the column are inspired from the growth patten of the trees


Generating profiles

Profiles Generated :


First set of Columns generated from the above profile curves .

Second Set of profiles

Fabricated columns .
First Column fabricated.:




Second Column fabricated.:


Third  Column fabricated.:


Making Process :


Making video