MAA Students: Anna Popova (Russia) , Emily Santos  (Brazil), Minu Surana (India), Research Studio: Emergent Territories Studio Instructor : Willy Müller, Maite Bravo Support Seminar Faculty : Alex Posada, Luis Fraguada,Edouard Cabay Project Summary: A port area is usually perceived to be full of cruises, containers and people trespassing. However looking in the other side we noticed the locals and tourists trying to use the empty spaces in Port of Barcelona in their own ways. The seed of an idea was hence laid. Why not give back the port to the city by activating the dead spaces for the people to use, manipulate and design in their own unique ways? Analyzing the logistics of the Port, the loading and unloading of containers, goods, oil and other products, we noticed that every time a container ship is loaded from the port it would leave behind empty spaces that remain untouched for a span of few hours. These temporal spaces only helped us strengthen our idea further.