Shaping shapes is always in an Architect mind. In this exercise, and with the help of processing, the goal was to create a perfomative shape that could be able to transform into a physical model.

With this in mind, my concept for this project was to use supershapes in order to do it, and with the help of some coding and sliders, be able to control the color, line thickness, and shape of the volume. I decided to pick this three options among different ones, because I wanted to show the basics movement that you can work with the model, and how from simple movement you can create a world of options.

The name is related with the principal color and different shapes you can have from the lemon fruit when you have it in an entire form or when you start to peeling in order to discover what it is inside of it.

Supershapes are defined forms, that with a formula you can created them; so by mapping the values and overlaping different shapes I can get through the slider, different perfomances of the object only by moving it.

In todays┬┤Architectural world 3D models are fundamental in order to give an image to the client, so he or she can understand what is your concept about. This came to my mind since the developing of my concept and the application it could have. Using this exercise as a reference, I stop thinking and as a way of conclusion, that by understanding how processing can work, you can create different concepts and overlapped them in order to show to the client how this could work and performed.

Having said that, I want to show a video of how to performed with a interactive model that could be 3D printed, mill, among other fabrication tools. Also I post three picture of three different typologies that I like whie I was developing the script.